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Hola, mi nombre es Celeste Matos.

Celeste Matos

Latin America Content Manager

Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, Celeste studied Journalism and Mass Communication at Florida International University, in Miami, where she now lives permanently. Inspired by the devotion to her native language and her interest in Hispanic media and Latin American news, she pursued a Master's degree in Spanish-language Multimedia Journalism, also at FIU, graduating in the Spring of 2015. Additionally, she obtained a Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean studies, through which she was able to acquire in-depth knowledge of the history, geography, economy and politics of the region.

Celeste has worked with a variety of Hispanic-based radio, television and press agencies in South Florida, with a special focus on Cuban affairs and news. Her experience serves her role as Content Manager, where she provides managerial and editorial oversight for our operations in Cuba, mainly leading and supervising content creation.