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Gravitas Ventures' distribution of Mosul documentary

Gravitas Ventures' distribution of Mosul documentary

Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company has acquired worldwide VOD rights to MOSUL, a harrowing, no-holds-barred documentary thriller about the mission to liberate Iraq’s second-largest city from ISIS control, releasing on demand, May 14.

The debut feature film from Daniel Gabriel follows a diverse group of militias and security forces with conflicting interests which banded together in 2016 to free Mosul and its population of 1.3 million from the harsh rule of ISIS.

Featuring unprecedented access to on-the-ground combat and tense shootouts, MOSUL showcases, in lurid detail and emotion, one of the most unique urban combat operations in history.

Despite recent declarations of victory over ISIS by the Trump administration, MOSUL illustrates that the Islamic State’s brutal campaign of terror still pose an existential threat to Iraq and the region. MOSUL brings us face to face with fleeing refugees in nearby camps and those tasked with securing these tent cities against increasing threats from ISIS. In addition, MOSUL confronts those captured as prisoners to give a chilling look inside the ideology that continues to exist in the region.

“In the aftermath of the largest military siege since Stalingrad, Iraqis are confronted with the stark realization that the war against ISIS may be over, but the seeds of another conflict have already been sown,” said MOSUL director Daniel Gabriel, who worked in the region as a CIA counter-terrorism officer and spent time in Mosul.

MOSUL features a haunting original score from Grammy-nominated British record producer and composer Photek (“How To Get Away With Murder,” “Station 19,” “Need For Speed”), and an immersive, explosive sound mix from MPSE-nominated sound designer Peter Bawiec.

“The music and sound design of this film are unbelievable accomplishments,” said producer Matt Schrader, who previously directed 2017’s “Score: A Film Music Documentary,” also released by Gravitas Ventures. “You feel like you’re there, experiencing it firsthand.”

MOSUL releases May 14th on VOD, including iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.