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WebStringers produces rare TV interview with a female ISIS defector

WebStringers produces rare TV interview with a female ISIS defector

Most people think that ISIS is an organization for “men only”. However, ISIS also includes a cadre of black-robed women tasked with brutally enforcing the Islamic State’s harsh interpretation of sharia law on other women.

One of these women recently agreed to be interviewed on camera for a new TV series WebStringers is producing for a Middle Eastern TV network. In graphic detail, she recounts how she was forced to join ISIS after her sons were conscripted, and how she used her “insider” position to organize a desperate escape for herself and her family.

WebStringers’s interview with a female ISIS defector comprises the seventh episode of the TV series, which features stories about ex-ISIS combatants, intelligence agents, car bomb makers, student organizers, logistics experts and money launderers from Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Morocco.

Although each of the stories is different, all of the ISIS defectors reveal, in their own way, why they joined ISIS, what they did for the “Caliphate”, how they became disillusioned, how they escaped and what their life is like now.

One of the biggest challenges in the making of an ISIS defector series has been to find people who are willing to appear on camera and talk about their experience. That’s because it’s almost as dangerous to desert from ISIS as it is to fight for ISIS. Defectors are threatened with execution by ISIS hit squads and the home countries of ISIS deserters punish ex-ISIS members for their criminal activities. Recognizing these challenges, WebStringers has taken extensive precautions to protect identities by using pseudonyms, on-camera disguises and secure taping locations.

As soon as the premier date for the ISIS defector TV series is announced, WebStringers will provide a link enabling our website visitors to view the programs.