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WebStringers' Cuban journalist on hunger strike for over 30 days

On A Hunger Strike to Denounce the Situation of the 150 "Regulated" in Cuba

14ymedio, Ricardo Fernández, Camaguey | September 7, 2019 — Guillermo del Sol, 53, has committed himself to fighting against the Cuban Government’s arbitrary practice of “regulating” nonconformists by prohibiting them from leaving the country. Twenty-seven days ago he began to fulfill his promise with a hunger strike, which has made him lose 21 kilos, he says via videoconference from his home in Santa Clara.

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MOSUL Film, featured on Washington Examiner

"MOSUL THE MOVIE: A former CIA counterterrorism officer who subsequently studied filmmaking at NYU is out with a documentary that premieres today in New York, titled simply Mosul. It’s the debut effort of Daniel Gabriel, who documents the 2016 battle to liberate Mosul from the brutal grip of ISIS by Iraqis who have to overcome sectarian divides to succeed," by Jamie McIntyre.

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MOSUL film premiere at Cleveland Film Festival

MOSUL Film premieres on April 5th, 2019 at Cleveland Film Festival.

How do you tell the story of Mosul, the Iraqi city where an estimated 10,000 people, including 3,000 civilians, were killed in 2016 to 17 as a joint force of Iraqi, Kurdish, American and French troops led a bloody battle to retake control from ISIS?

How do you convey the horror on the ground faced by troops, and civilians, of life under ISIS during the nearly two-year battle?

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Gravitas Ventures' distribution of Mosul documentary

Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company has acquired worldwide VOD rights to MOSUL, a harrowing, no-holds-barred documentary thriller about the mission to liberate Iraq’s second-largest city from ISIS control, releasing on demand, May 14.

The debut feature film from Daniel Gabriel follows a diverse group of militias and security forces with conflicting interests which banded together in 2016 to free Mosul and its population of 1.3 million from the harsh rule of ISIS.

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