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WebStringers' Coverage of Hurricane Irma

A mother carries her son during the floods in Havana

From September 8 through the 10th, Cubans living in the northwest region of the country experienced a devastating natural disaster. Category 5 Hurricane Irma hit land from Camaguey to Artemisa, sweeping buildings, houses, businesses, farms, century-old trees and unfortunately, also causing the loss of human lives.

Disinformation and disbelief led to overall unpreparedness

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WebStringers in Eastern Cuba after Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew, the thirteenth named storm of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, was the first deadly Category 5 hurricane since Hurricane Felix in 2007. It wrought widespread destruction and catastrophic loss of life during its journey across the Western Atlantic, including parts of Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Lucayan Archipelago, the southeastern United States, and the Canadian Maritimes.

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