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The Motivations of a Cuban Journalist

by Antonella Marty

Roberto Guerra is the director of Hablemos Press, an NGO dedicated to advancing free speech. Karina Gálvez is an economist, editorial board member of the magazine Convivencia, and a civics teacher in Cuba. Both are dissident activists, and have endured countless threats from the Castro regime.

Last week, they visited the Rosario-based Fundación Libertad in Argentina, a think tank devoted to promoting freedom throughout Latin America since 1988.

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Pedazos de la Isla interview with Roberto Guerra Pérez

Thirty-three year old Roberto de Jesus Guerra Perez is not only an example of the bravery it takes to be a public Cuban dissident of the violent totalitarian Castro regime, but is also an example of a person who faced very difficult obstacles in his life and yet managed to turn his frustrations into inspirations, ultimately becoming successful. But success in Cuba is not measured as it is in most other countries.
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Seven mobile apps for creating that quick multimedia extra

In the age of social media, reporters on the scene of a news story face increasing pressure to produce fast, compelling tweets and status updates for their publications.

This creates a challenge: How do you generate content while still reporting?

I found seven mobile apps that can help reporters quickly produce compelling photos, video clips and other visuals that draw readers in — and encourage them to come back for more.

I call this “cotton candy content.” It’s light to produce and easy to distribute and sometimes gives readers a pleasant buzz.

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