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Building Media Capacity

Global Media Staffing

When news organizations and production companies need qualified reporters, producers, editors, web designers, translators and other media professionals, WebStringers recruits, pre-qualifies and places media personnel anywhere in the world. Media talent can be hired through WebStringers on a project basis, on fixed-term contracts or as full-time employees per client needs and staffing requirements.

Technical Training

Digital media technology puts powerful tools into the hands of reporters and producers, and WebStringers provides the technical training to help newcomers get the most out of their cameras and other production tools. In addition to videography, field production, studio production and post-production techniques, WebStringers also offers courses in information communication technology, enabling journalists to transmit data securely and circumvent government censorship.

Media Training

WebStringers engages highly qualified media professionals to train new or inexperienced journalists in the ethics of journalism, as well as principles and techniques of newsgathering, beat reporting and investigative reporting. Since WebStringers reporters often operate in conflict zones or repressive media environments, additional training is also provided in personal and digital security, forensics, first aid and self-defense.

Social Media Integration

Every production planned or produced by WebStringers includes strategies for leveraging social media to increase awareness and audience engagement, and to provide metrics for audience measurement and analytics. These methods include distribution of content through social media platforms, putting social media links on websites to boost traffic and audience interactivity, and making content more sharable by enabling viewers to log in via SM platforms.