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Content Creation and
Global Distribution

Story Development

How does a good story idea get turned into a produced story? It happens during the development process when experienced producers and writers give a story structure, find the thematic core, and bring the characters to life. The WebStringers creative management team works closely with each client to develop story pitches and creative treatments, and write production proposals that get approved and funded.


The next step after story development is putting the story on the page and creating a blueprint for a successful production. WebStringers matches the best available writers and writing teams to each project, based on background, areas of specialization, and familiarity with the genre, style, language and culture required by the project.


WebStringers manages all phases of media content production including pre-production (story development, scripting, budgeting, casting and planning), production (including field and/or studio production), and post-production (including editing, audio post, music, and preparation of files for selected media platforms). We maintain a worldwide roster of veteran writers, producers, directors, editors, videographers, fixers, casting agents, production crews, audio and recording engineers, graphic artists, animators, and other production specialists.


In addition to helping clients manage the distribution of programming through traditional channels, such as broadcast, cable and satellite TV networks, WebStringers manages all aspects of online content delivery. This includes social media platforms, websites and other internet options. Content is optimized for computer displays, smart phones, tablets, set-top boxes or other devices used by target audiences.