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En Caliente Prensa Libre

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Ignacio Luis González Vidal began his work as a journalist in 2009 when he found that the image he had of Cuba, the way he had been taught in school, clashed with the reality he found once he graduated from college. He would then make it his mission to present Cubans with an alternate source of information and a place where their voice can be heard.

González received a scholarship from the non-profit organization People in Need, which allowed him to attend two extensive workshops on journalism and media production in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2014, he launched the independent press agency “En Caliente Prensa Libre”. His aim is to differentiate journalism from activism, and deliver unbiased and reliable information.

Osmel Almaguer Delgado

Graduated in 2010 with a degree in Socio-Cultural Studies from the University of Havana, Almaguer is a writer, poet and journalist. He’s completed studies in journalism including one offered by Florida International University in Miami, sponsored by the United States Interests Section in Havana. He’s a frequent collaborator for Havana Times, editor for independent press agency Hablemos Press and subdirector of En Caliente Prensa Libre. He’s also a published author with “La Pendiente”, a poetry collection.