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Iván García Quintero

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ván García Quintero is a renowned journalist, both in and out of Cuba, who began collaborating with WebStringers in 2015 as a writer.

Iván was born in Havana on August 15, 1965. Son of journalist Tania Quintero Antunez and lawyer, now deceased, Rafael García Himely. In 1995 he was admitted to independent agency Cuba Press founded by poet and writer Raul Rivero. He is a self-taught journalist whose education was formed by teachings of Raul Rivero, The Stylebook of El País; EFE manuals; publications of the Latin American Program of Journalism at Florida International University and magazines like Veja and Newsweek in Spanish, among others.

He has contributed to "Encuentro en la Red" (Meeting on the Net), the Cuban Hispanic magazine and the website of the Inter-American Press Association. He was a member of the Society of Journalism Manuel Marquez Sterling, created in 2001 and directed by Ricardo Gonzalez Alfonso. As of 2009 he began writing "Desde La Habana", his first blog. Since 2009 he has been a collaborator at several international news organizations such as the newspaper El Mundo/America, Diario de Cuba, Cubanet, Diario Las Américas, Radio and TV Martí, among others.