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Palenque Vision

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Palenque Vision is an independent news agency created by Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina, a Cuban democracy activist living in eastern Cuba. Founded in 2012, the agency has grown from a local effort in the east to a nationally and internationally recognized medium of information with over 20 independent journalists throughout the island. The biggest native, professional news agency with the capabilities to produce video content in Cuba. The vision for Palenque Vision is to grow into an influential independent media agency within Cuba that provides news for Cubans living within and outside of Cuba.

Rodríguez Lobaina, its founder, believes that the best way to empower Cubans is to grant them access to free and reliable information, is what led him to launch journals, magazines and finally one of the first audiovisual independent press agencies in the island; Palenque Visión.

Rolando Rodríguez Lobaina's work with Palenque Visión earned him a David Burke Distinguished Journalism Award, awarded by the Broadcasting Board of Governors as a recognition to his courage, integrity and professionalism in reporting news from the island.