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Media Programming Options

News Reports

WebStringers works with journalists of all proficiency levels to research, write, produce and report short-form and long-form stories designed for all media channels including radio and television broadcast media and social media. In many cases, these reports come from and serve populations where governments control the media and alternative voices and perspectives are lacking or repressed.


The proliferation of affordable, powerful and easy-to-use production equipment has made it easier than ever to produce non-fiction programming. WebStringers enables filmmakers from around the world to observe the drama of real life, expose or reveal hidden truths, capture the aesthetic essence of specific environments, or present points of view that will challenge preconceptions or change opinions.

TV, Internet and Radio Series

Many stories are too big or complex to be expressed in a single documentary, docudrama or feature film. To present these non-fiction and dramatic stories, WebStringers produces episodic television series for TV broadcasters and online webisodes. Since many parts of the world are better served by audio programming, WebStringers also produces series for radio broadcasts and podcasts.

Docudramas and Feature Films

Docudramas (documentaries that include dramatic reenactments of key events) and dramatic feature films represent significant investments of talent, time and money. The WebStringers production team has over 50 years of combined experience in producing docudramas and feature films on location for international audiences and collaborating with local producers, production crews and government officials to deliver maximum production values as minimum cost.