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Who We Are

Free expression powered by digital technology

Every day, many of the most remarkable, impactful, heart wrenching and heartwarming stories come from regions where it is difficult or nearly impossible to report or disseminate these stories. Restrictive regimes, lack of media infrastructure, armed conflict, and sheer remoteness present significant barriers to most media production companies—but not to WebStringers.

The management of WebStringers has over 50 years of experience of working in challenging and developing media environments, and helping local reporters, producers, broadcasters, writers and other media professionals do their jobs, hone their craft, and connect with audiences inside their countries and beyond their borders. WebStringers respects the dedication, integrity, vision and talent of our media colleagues. We see our main role as facilitators and partners.

By providing technical and training resources, fresh perspectives, and access to wider networks, we are proud to unlock the enormous potential of journalists, reporters, broadcasters and storytellers wherever we operate. Fundamentally, we support journalism that illuminates the struggle for free expression, human rights, and democracy.

By using the power of digital technology, our goal is to add context to content, to add more clarity, greater understanding and more sustained engagement to conversations surrounding local and regional events—conversations which can become global at the click of a mouse, the touch of a phone screen or the flick of a satellite TV switch.